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April Fool’s Day.

1 Apr

Sitting in my room with little to nothing to do last night, as I could not fall asleep, I did what I always do when that happens…log on to my facebook and my twitter at the same time. And hope sleep finds me soon.

It turned out that it was April fool’s…whatever that means. I never really found out the origin of this day.

I discovered that my timeline and home were flooded with people’s pathetic attempts to prank their friends. It was all so funny and really transparent.

I saw a lot of people talking about the country being divided in half, war breaking out over that and a lot of ‘RIP’.

My own attempt to fool a friend did not really work out. Turns out he knows me a little more than I know myself.

I miss the good old days when pranks where epic and everything we did reminded us of MTV’s Punk’D.

I remember one April 1st when i convinced my niece that an over active sex life was the number one cause of acne. Which was really cruel because she was fighting a losing battle with really bad acne. I saved my sisters number as ‘MTN’, then sent a fake survey message from her phone to mine explaining how recent studies have shown that too much unprotected sex causes acne. I pretended to be shocked and showed it to my niece. It was funny when she bought into the lies. Especially when I told her I was going to tell her mom (my sister) about it. But I could only keep it up for 20 minutes before I laughed to her face that I fooled her. Its bad I know now but hey I was young. Sort of 😀

I think it is better than those people who lie to their lovers that they are in hospital or make them believe they died.

This day is trully foolish.

So I woke up this morning and I am so paranoid about everything. I am taking everything that anyone says as the begining of a bad prank idea.

Agony would be getting a call from someone you love telling you that it is over and you taking it as a joke when in fact they are serious. This is probably the worst day to get fired or dumped because on one would believe it 😀

So how was it for you people? Did you manage fooling anyone or did you end up the fool?


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