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Graduate Things

9 Aug

The thoughts in most students minds while in University are usually that they will find lucrative job offers immediately upon completing. As a former student take it from me, I actually believed I would have companies and organisations lining up to take me aboard their money making ships.

You can imagine my surprise when I was suddenly thrown into the world of unemployed youth and Government Job freeze. A world where I keep reading about how 3000 youths apply for a job that is looking for ONLY22 people. How the Government let’s off 150 people because the Nation’s budget can not allow the pay of all of them. A world where every employer is only looking to hire someone who has 3-5 years work experience.
It makes me wonder exactly how one is supposed to get that work experience when no one is willing to hire them in the first place. Most people I know have at tops 6 months experience because of the various internships and industrial attachments they had. So are we going to forever be overlooked and left out because we are so fresh our of College that we don’t even know how much we are worth?

I had my graduation of the 24th of July, 2014 and at this point all I feel if fear. Fear that I may stay at home longer than I planned. Fear that my best years are passing by and that my once fresh and sponge like brain will dry up by the time someone decides to give me a chance to prove myself. So my “Best Graduating Student Award” hangs in my room and makes me laugh each time I look at it because it makes me think “what was the point of all that hard work and all the sweat if I am just going to spend my days at home?” Most of the people I talk to keep asking where it is that I am working and I guess it is coming as a shock to them when I explain that I am just at home, still living with my parents.

The biggest shock or let me say the thing that hurt the most is seeing people who graduated some 2 or 3 years earlier than me complaining about how they can not find employment in the country and how opportunities are not coming up. Most keep talking about the high levels of corruption and nepotism in the workplace and as I have no idea if it’s true or not I really can not comment about it.

But I have learnt quite a few things in my six months after writing my last University paper.

  1. Life isn’t as easy after University as most students imagine.
  2. You will regret wasting your student loan money on shoes and booze once you realise you should have been putting some into your savings account.
  3. Being the best graduating student doesn’t mean you will be the first person to get a job.
  4. The people everybody looked down on will most likely be the most successful.
  5. The Government doesn’t exactly have the best interest of everyone in mind. At times they just want to make themselves richer.

But maybe that is just me. I have a friend who believe that positivity and what you think you will get is most likely what the universe will give you. So as I lie here in my bed feeling a bit depressed and scared for my future, I will be positive and believe that I will get a 5 figure salary job and I will live in the city with the man of my dreams and my dream home…balcony, herb garden, garden swing and all.
I mean if we can’t even have part of the dream, what’s the point of even waking up in the morning right?



Race – How the world showed its shallowness.

9 Aug

There is only one race, the human race.

There is only one race, the human race.

“There is only one race: The Human Race.”

They say people have a tendency to hate or be afraid of the things they do not understand…things that are different. That sentence would have stuck if this were the 1300s.

Looking at the world now, with all the technological advancements, medical discoveries and how everything a person needs to know is just a “google” away, it is surprising and appalling to see that there are people who still judge others because of the colour of their skin.

The fact of the matter is that when we all bleed our blood is red.
Now unless some people bleed out chocolate or poop out diamonds and rainbows I don’t think anyone has the right to be cruel and be a part of the shallow people that think racism is “normal”.

I love how children in nursery behave, they do not see brown or black or white…to them all they see is friendship and someone who they can be on a see-saw with. The problem comes in when the parents who believe that their children should only mix or be friends with those they share skin colour with. Stop trying to drag the human race back to a dark era.

Be part of the movement and think of the big picture. Racism breeds hate and gives way to violence. All of which just brings us back to the never ending cycle of hate crime and more bloodshed.


So What if I touched it?

6 Aug

You know how at times you just want to do something crazy that people do not expect from you? Well that happened to me today when I was in town about to go for lunch with my sister.

There are these old messed up payphones in the streets that I have always been seeing around but never paid that much attention to for as long as I could remember. Well today as I was walking by I suddenly got the idea of taking a picture near one and pretending to be making a call.

I got so excited about the whole thing and begged my sister to quickly take some fun pictures. Obviously she agreed and we had a laugh about it all. The other people in the street well let’s just say they looked at us like a couple of crazy people. (Screw them). It made the experience that much more fun anyway.

Being the sharing freak that I am I immediately shared the pictures on Facebook and while some of my friends found it funny that anyone can still use a pay phone in this day and age others found it “gross” and “disturbing”.

Okay fine, maybe the thing hasn’t been used in like decades or whatever but come on it was a cool picture.


The Return Of The Blogger

4 Aug

Hello people of the blogosphere, after months of being MIA I am happy to say that I think it’s time I came back.

School was rather stressful and with little to no access to the internet it was almost impossible to blog. But now I am back and hope I can still do this.

I am not sure the direction in which my blog will go now and part of me kind of wanted to start a new one. Fresh start and all. But for the time being I will stick to my very first blog, kind of hard to let it go.

To all my followers I hope my new posts will still be “entertaining” to you and that you continue leaving your thoughts and comments like before.

Forever a blogger,

Would you hire this man?

19 Feb


I am still not sure if this letter is real but you have got to wonder.

When I see stuff like this, I know I my parents made the right choice sending me to school. Though at the time, It all seemed like school was all about meeting friends, gossiping, crushes and making fun of teachers. At least I learnt what to do and not to do when applying for a job or anything.

And just in case you do not know, I will just put down one things never to include in a formal letter . no matter how desperate you are

  1. Probably not a good idea to state that you want the job of a deceased guy, whose funeral you just happened to attend, they might just think you did it. You know, murdered someone so you can have his job.

But I might be wrong, it is not even like I am some super powered letter writing genius, I have only ever written like three formal letters myself.

  • One was to apply for a student lawn
  • one was to apply for campus accommodation
  • one was apply for an attachment or internship at a mine (I haven’t yet sent this one, well partly because I just want to “chill”his vacation)

I just had to share this. Lets hope you have learnt something.

Obviously the joker / weirdo who wrote the above “letter” was high and his desperation for a job clouded his logic such that he ended up acting on crazy impulse and made a total fool of himself

Obviously the man who sent the sample letter above was just your every day “Go-getter”, he wanted a job and he went after it with everything he had. I will commend him for well putting himself out there at least?

How Is That Better?

16 Feb


Picture this scenario, you wake up in the morning, shower and decide to put on a mini skirt with leggings or  skinny jeans and a fun top then you go to town. You are walking in the street, road or whatever and before you know it this group of people is surrounding you and calling you names. Just basically harassing you and touching you in places they shouldn’t be touching you.

Now some people may say that many people who get treated like this just ask for it and some how deserve it. I say screw that. I mean what the hell happened to freedom of expression. Sure I get it, indecent exposure is like a crime but when a person has on leggings and even better a skinny jeans, how is that indecent. And as long as a person is covered up, even if the clothes are tight, why should you even pay attention?

If there is one thing I hate more than hypocrites, it is people who try to force their beliefs and ideas on others. If you lived your life and never stuck your nose in other people’s business, I doubt if how they dressed would ever affect you. I am not saying that people should be allowed to walk around in nothing but their panties and bras but shouldn’t every person choose what they want to wear at least? you know things they feel comfortable in, not every one likes “Bu Bus”, dresses that look like tents or even trousers that you can smuggle a mattress in.  And coming from a religious and well conservative family, I know how this makes me sound and seem but it really gets to me and pisses me off when I hear these incidences.

The worst part of this is  when they move on to strip the person and leave them completely nude. And then everyone just stands there watching like a bunch of weirdos while dishing out more insults and other manner of profanity. Its scary.

So I am guessing, someone who is completely nude is better than someone wearing a mini skirt. Right.

Now I ask, How is that better?

Note To self #1

15 Feb

Just because it seems too good to be true doesn’t mean it isn’t real. If you do end up losing it and it hurts so bad you want to cry, F-BOMBS will not solve anything.


I Quote a famous person #1

14 Feb

The moment you feel bored with life, slap yourself then focus on the moment. For each moment is as deep, mysterious, and wonderful as all the stars in the darkest night sky – P.M.Harrison

Of House Keepers, Personal chefs, Trainers and Stylists

11 Feb

Having K 6 ( six Kwacha)  to my name safely hibernating in my account, which is roughly close to a Dollar and being in university with millions of kwacha debt in student loans, I find myself thinking “Will I ever live the life I dream of?”, “Am I ever going to taste foreign foods like prawns, venison, lobster or maybe something a little more dreamy… caviar?”. With one more year left until graduation and the fear of the future growing more each day especially with the upcoming publication of examination results this 15th, I keep drifting away from reality and keep getting stuck in day dreams where my account balance puts J.K .Rowling’s to shame.

After spending most part of my vacation away from school either blogging or reading novels and pretty much just trying to forget about university while most of my friends are spending their hours of the day getting attachments and internships in big companies, I can’t help but wonder if I am maybe being a little too carefree and careless with my life.

I wake up each day, which if I might add is getting harder each day when I do not have that much too look forward to, and after having breakfast and showering the list of things to do drops to about only three possible enjoyable activities;  spend the whole day on the internet, spend the whole day reading novels or spend the whole day in the TV room watching cheesy romance movies, fashion programs, cook shows and anything else that is showing.

I know what some of you might be thinking, believe me I think it all the time. I bet my last remaining money that you would tell me something like, “Stop being such a depressed little stuffed animal and do something about it then”. If you thought about anything that even remotely sounds or means anything close to that, then congratulations, you have officially joined the team. Now before you get all excited, just in case this is the first time you are a part of anything, (especially a team), just know that being a part of this team means you are accepting that you are a good for giving advice critic and probably a busybody too (I think). Okay maybe not. It doesn’t really matter because this post is supposed to be about house keepers, personal chefs, trainers and stylists.

Being born in Zambia, Africa and before you even ask, NO I do not own a lion and I do not know anyone who does…I once saw them at a zoo though, at least I think it was a zoo. I can say I grew up knowing most of the stuff I know from reading and sometimes watching TV, being an indoor couch potato and all ,but then again, I am guessing that is how everyone learns most stuff about other peoples cultures, right?

The bad thing about all this, TV and books is you are never really sure if everything you are seeing is the truth. I say this because, I once had a friend on Facebook form Greece and he never believed me each time I told him I was in Africa. He said, he did a Google search of Zambia and the only images that were coming up were of children with malaria, Malnutrition, the crazy Sub Sahara AIDS levels, Black outs and all other depressing stuff. Though that might be the case with like most of the country (RURAL ZAMBIA), I guess I expected at least something positive…I don’t know wishful thinking I guess.

So I have this dream now of making my country shine a little more but that’s still a work in progress…obviously.

I really do not know if the things I spent watching during the better parts of  my teen years were true, you know all those shows that had “ordinary” people living their lives but where everything looked like it was heaven. I say this because any world where I have a personal chef preparing me gourmet meals that will get me salivating just from smelling them, I get to be the one who gives away second had clothes to “the less fortunate” and the house is never dirty because there is always someone who dusts every surface in the house ..Goodbye sneezing, common cold and flu or whatever it is people catch from dust (I guess I should come clean and say I am a lazy bum).

But at this moment, sitting in front of my laptop and after typing all this, I feel like my life couldn’t be more perfect (Its like typing these words woke me up). I know that makes no sense after I typed over 700 words trashing it.  But I have realized something, life is in the simplicity of things. How you smile and enjoy it no matter what hurdles are in your path.

You may not have that mansion you always fantasized about , the body you always dreamed of , the ultimate job you wanted and even the chefs, trainers, stylists, maids and anything to make you (by you I mean me) even more of a lazy couch muffin than you already are. But there has to come a point in ones life when you have to just sit back and enjoy all the little things you have no matter how little the may seem,, it can be something as small as remembering that you had breakfast in the morning, have a roof over your head, you have a family and friends who love you, your health is still intact, you just got accepted into university and above all that while there may be hundreds of people who did not wake up today, you were given another shot at life to enjoy it further more.

The Assassination Of Cupid

6 Feb

die cupidFirst of all, before, I even begin I would  like to say that just in case this blog post is full of typos and grammar that makes you wonder if I ever went to school or if i am normal, it is not my fault.

For starters ever since we (students of a certain university) went on vacation, I have rediscovered my love of books and the internet so I rarely sleep or eat as much my mother would like. Unhealthy and a bad habit I know but it can not be helped. I would say it is insomnia but that would be a lie because mostly it is by my own doing that I do not sleep.  I just do not want to sleep, simple and straight forward. And thanks to my new best friend coffee, I don’t. Unless I absolutely have to.

All this leads me to spending each day looking and walking like a zombie and since I spend most of my time in my room on my laptop, no one gets scared by my appearance. Which is all really good, because the last thing I want is to be scaring people. And well we can blame the bad “postmanship” (I hope that exists) on that for now.

Okay, now I have forgotten where I was going with all of this.

Right, back to the issue at hand, love, romance, valentine’s day, cupid and the many other things that give me a headache (not all the time, but enough times). Okay enough of the hate, right? stay with me this post actually has some sense in it in the end.

You know how they say “You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose but you can not pick who you love”, like it is some miracle and action you have no control over? Well I guess there is some sense in that nonsense. You can see it in the way we end up with the most unlikely people, people we never thought we could br friends with, let alone lovers.

I would like to think that every person has their dream guy or girl, then how do you explain ending up with someone who is the total opposite of that? The answer I think is cupid. That winged bastard likes to play cruel jokes on people and probably even laughs about it as he watches, like a really bad episode of Jerry Springer. A while back I used to think he does his evil magic with that cute bow and arrow of his, but now I have reason to think he upgraded his arsenal and bought a freaking machine gun and a bazooka. No one is same. No one. try blocking a shot a bazooka with a bullet proof vest. Its like people just keep falling in and out of love, like it isn’t bad enough that celebrities do it now it is becoming a trend everywhere and with almost everyone. Its disgusting. I say this because how else can we explain what happens on Facebook these days?

exhibit A

You log into Facebook on monday and see a changed relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship with____”, first thought that comes to your mind, “wow, someone is going out with toothless wonder Jane”. Everyone comments and likes and it’s a good monday I guess as far as Mondays go.

Tuesday comes and it’s all love updates from the new couple, you know the type “I miss him”, “I love him”, ” blah blah”, (I am a culprit with such..love updates all the time like a love struck teenager. I am so ashamed admitting this so do not laugh)

Then the good stuff starts to happen by thursday when the relationship status changes to “its complicated”, by that time you get out your popcorn because you know its drama time soon. unnecessary drama if I might add.

Sunday and it “went from its complicated to single”, what the hell? and then you have updates like ” all men/women are the same”, “F### this, I am too cute to be crying over a spineless jerk” and my personal favourite “fu Screw love, I am tired of trying”

Three days later and its the start of the cycle..again.

Now from this you can tell that something is wrong, obviously cupid has been shooting so many people at a go that, by the time you are done you would have gone through the cycle like a hundred times. And if you are the “has sex with every boyfriend” type, by the time it is boyfriend #25 you will be smuggling midgets in your Vag “Unmentionable”.

exhibit B

Dating two or more people at the same time, why the hell do you need to do that? Who do you think you are, Casanova? I am not going to go into religious territory, because lets face it, that is how wars begin. i am just going to say, umm “AIDS IS REAL” and “I hope you like herpes”. Two-timing douche.


And before we put the blame on the guys and probably start a war of the sexes, note that females can be just as guilty too. (Case closed)

Cheating Girl Friend[1]

And what is worse is still seeing him/her even when you freaking know he is with someone else, if it is someone you know then I think you have issues. Go see a shrink or something. Back stabbing freak. (Make sure the knife is clean at least before you use it)

You give love a bad name.

From all this we can see that, the only way to save the world is to go on a non stop search for the winged fat little guy and its off with his head. Okay I realise I am being very mean right now, and probably going to be arrested for putting the idea of assassination in people’s heads but please you have got to agree with me on this one. CUPID HAS GOT TO GO.


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