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Graduate Things

9 Aug

The thoughts in most students minds while in University are usually that they will find lucrative job offers immediately upon completing. As a former student take it from me, I actually believed I would have companies and organisations lining up to take me aboard their money making ships.

You can imagine my surprise when I was suddenly thrown into the world of unemployed youth and Government Job freeze. A world where I keep reading about how 3000 youths apply for a job that is looking for ONLY22 people. How the Government let’s off 150 people because the Nation’s budget can not allow the pay of all of them. A world where every employer is only looking to hire someone who has 3-5 years work experience.
It makes me wonder exactly how one is supposed to get that work experience when no one is willing to hire them in the first place. Most people I know have at tops 6 months experience because of the various internships and industrial attachments they had. So are we going to forever be overlooked and left out because we are so fresh our of College that we don’t even know how much we are worth?

I had my graduation of the 24th of July, 2014 and at this point all I feel if fear. Fear that I may stay at home longer than I planned. Fear that my best years are passing by and that my once fresh and sponge like brain will dry up by the time someone decides to give me a chance to prove myself. So my “Best Graduating Student Award” hangs in my room and makes me laugh each time I look at it because it makes me think “what was the point of all that hard work and all the sweat if I am just going to spend my days at home?” Most of the people I talk to keep asking where it is that I am working and I guess it is coming as a shock to them when I explain that I am just at home, still living with my parents.

The biggest shock or let me say the thing that hurt the most is seeing people who graduated some 2 or 3 years earlier than me complaining about how they can not find employment in the country and how opportunities are not coming up. Most keep talking about the high levels of corruption and nepotism in the workplace and as I have no idea if it’s true or not I really can not comment about it.

But I have learnt quite a few things in my six months after writing my last University paper.

  1. Life isn’t as easy after University as most students imagine.
  2. You will regret wasting your student loan money on shoes and booze once you realise you should have been putting some into your savings account.
  3. Being the best graduating student doesn’t mean you will be the first person to get a job.
  4. The people everybody looked down on will most likely be the most successful.
  5. The Government doesn’t exactly have the best interest of everyone in mind. At times they just want to make themselves richer.

But maybe that is just me. I have a friend who believe that positivity and what you think you will get is most likely what the universe will give you. So as I lie here in my bed feeling a bit depressed and scared for my future, I will be positive and believe that I will get a 5 figure salary job and I will live in the city with the man of my dreams and my dream home…balcony, herb garden, garden swing and all.
I mean if we can’t even have part of the dream, what’s the point of even waking up in the morning right?



Of House Keepers, Personal chefs, Trainers and Stylists

11 Feb

Having K 6 ( six Kwacha)  to my name safely hibernating in my account, which is roughly close to a Dollar and being in university with millions of kwacha debt in student loans, I find myself thinking “Will I ever live the life I dream of?”, “Am I ever going to taste foreign foods like prawns, venison, lobster or maybe something a little more dreamy… caviar?”. With one more year left until graduation and the fear of the future growing more each day especially with the upcoming publication of examination results this 15th, I keep drifting away from reality and keep getting stuck in day dreams where my account balance puts J.K .Rowling’s to shame.

After spending most part of my vacation away from school either blogging or reading novels and pretty much just trying to forget about university while most of my friends are spending their hours of the day getting attachments and internships in big companies, I can’t help but wonder if I am maybe being a little too carefree and careless with my life.

I wake up each day, which if I might add is getting harder each day when I do not have that much too look forward to, and after having breakfast and showering the list of things to do drops to about only three possible enjoyable activities;  spend the whole day on the internet, spend the whole day reading novels or spend the whole day in the TV room watching cheesy romance movies, fashion programs, cook shows and anything else that is showing.

I know what some of you might be thinking, believe me I think it all the time. I bet my last remaining money that you would tell me something like, “Stop being such a depressed little stuffed animal and do something about it then”. If you thought about anything that even remotely sounds or means anything close to that, then congratulations, you have officially joined the team. Now before you get all excited, just in case this is the first time you are a part of anything, (especially a team), just know that being a part of this team means you are accepting that you are a good for giving advice critic and probably a busybody too (I think). Okay maybe not. It doesn’t really matter because this post is supposed to be about house keepers, personal chefs, trainers and stylists.

Being born in Zambia, Africa and before you even ask, NO I do not own a lion and I do not know anyone who does…I once saw them at a zoo though, at least I think it was a zoo. I can say I grew up knowing most of the stuff I know from reading and sometimes watching TV, being an indoor couch potato and all ,but then again, I am guessing that is how everyone learns most stuff about other peoples cultures, right?

The bad thing about all this, TV and books is you are never really sure if everything you are seeing is the truth. I say this because, I once had a friend on Facebook form Greece and he never believed me each time I told him I was in Africa. He said, he did a Google search of Zambia and the only images that were coming up were of children with malaria, Malnutrition, the crazy Sub Sahara AIDS levels, Black outs and all other depressing stuff. Though that might be the case with like most of the country (RURAL ZAMBIA), I guess I expected at least something positive…I don’t know wishful thinking I guess.

So I have this dream now of making my country shine a little more but that’s still a work in progress…obviously.

I really do not know if the things I spent watching during the better parts of  my teen years were true, you know all those shows that had “ordinary” people living their lives but where everything looked like it was heaven. I say this because any world where I have a personal chef preparing me gourmet meals that will get me salivating just from smelling them, I get to be the one who gives away second had clothes to “the less fortunate” and the house is never dirty because there is always someone who dusts every surface in the house ..Goodbye sneezing, common cold and flu or whatever it is people catch from dust (I guess I should come clean and say I am a lazy bum).

But at this moment, sitting in front of my laptop and after typing all this, I feel like my life couldn’t be more perfect (Its like typing these words woke me up). I know that makes no sense after I typed over 700 words trashing it.  But I have realized something, life is in the simplicity of things. How you smile and enjoy it no matter what hurdles are in your path.

You may not have that mansion you always fantasized about , the body you always dreamed of , the ultimate job you wanted and even the chefs, trainers, stylists, maids and anything to make you (by you I mean me) even more of a lazy couch muffin than you already are. But there has to come a point in ones life when you have to just sit back and enjoy all the little things you have no matter how little the may seem,, it can be something as small as remembering that you had breakfast in the morning, have a roof over your head, you have a family and friends who love you, your health is still intact, you just got accepted into university and above all that while there may be hundreds of people who did not wake up today, you were given another shot at life to enjoy it further more.


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