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Race – How the world showed its shallowness.

9 Aug

There is only one race, the human race.

There is only one race, the human race.

“There is only one race: The Human Race.”

They say people have a tendency to hate or be afraid of the things they do not understand…things that are different. That sentence would have stuck if this were the 1300s.

Looking at the world now, with all the technological advancements, medical discoveries and how everything a person needs to know is just a “google” away, it is surprising and appalling to see that there are people who still judge others because of the colour of their skin.

The fact of the matter is that when we all bleed our blood is red.
Now unless some people bleed out chocolate or poop out diamonds and rainbows I don’t think anyone has the right to be cruel and be a part of the shallow people that think racism is “normal”.

I love how children in nursery behave, they do not see brown or black or white…to them all they see is friendship and someone who they can be on a see-saw with. The problem comes in when the parents who believe that their children should only mix or be friends with those they share skin colour with. Stop trying to drag the human race back to a dark era.

Be part of the movement and think of the big picture. Racism breeds hate and gives way to violence. All of which just brings us back to the never ending cycle of hate crime and more bloodshed.



So What if I touched it?

6 Aug

You know how at times you just want to do something crazy that people do not expect from you? Well that happened to me today when I was in town about to go for lunch with my sister.

There are these old messed up payphones in the streets that I have always been seeing around but never paid that much attention to for as long as I could remember. Well today as I was walking by I suddenly got the idea of taking a picture near one and pretending to be making a call.

I got so excited about the whole thing and begged my sister to quickly take some fun pictures. Obviously she agreed and we had a laugh about it all. The other people in the street well let’s just say they looked at us like a couple of crazy people. (Screw them). It made the experience that much more fun anyway.

Being the sharing freak that I am I immediately shared the pictures on Facebook and while some of my friends found it funny that anyone can still use a pay phone in this day and age others found it “gross” and “disturbing”.

Okay fine, maybe the thing hasn’t been used in like decades or whatever but come on it was a cool picture.


The Return Of The Blogger

4 Aug

Hello people of the blogosphere, after months of being MIA I am happy to say that I think it’s time I came back.

School was rather stressful and with little to no access to the internet it was almost impossible to blog. But now I am back and hope I can still do this.

I am not sure the direction in which my blog will go now and part of me kind of wanted to start a new one. Fresh start and all. But for the time being I will stick to my very first blog, kind of hard to let it go.

To all my followers I hope my new posts will still be “entertaining” to you and that you continue leaving your thoughts and comments like before.

Forever a blogger,

Photo frenzy

21 Feb

Oh my, I can’t believe I can not remember the last time I took a picture. Not even my Facebook or twitter have new Pictures. I think I can blame it on my never ending bad hair days and fashion disasters. Its true. The first thing my sister says to me when she gets back from school is what are you wearing? followed by What the hell happened to your hair?  I just do not feel as good about taking photos as I used to be. Its weird because believe me I used to pose for pics like each day and had like over 10 pictures a day. Of course I never showed anybody all of them, but I did upload one on Facebook every once in a while just so people who no longer live near me do not forget how I look like.

So I have decided that from now on, I will be taking at least two pictures each week and posting them, who knows maybe I will start feeling better about myself.

Well until then, I will have to kick start this venture with some old pictures.












Boredom Can Be A Major Cow

29 Jan

So spending your day in boxer shorts, a tank top and covered in a blanket and watching the food network, BBC lifestyle or Fashion Tv is not the way to spend a three month vacation. Sure it is so amazing for the first 8 days but after that, the boredom starts to set in. Vacation time is supposed to be fun and time to rest, relax and do all the things you do not have the time to do when you are in school or during working hours.

I am like the last person to give advice on having fun because I am about as much fun as watching grass grow. True story.

So after much sleeping and facebooking, I made a list of top 5 things to do in a three month vacation to fight boredom. They are not exactly risky but its betteer than being a couch potato.

  1. Reconnect with your friends and spend the afternoons having lunch, picnics, go for swimming and whatever else you can think of.
  2. find a hobby, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it doesn’t bore you.
  3. Start a blog, preferably one that will enable you to go outside and take pictures and interact with people.
  4. Get a fun part time Job, like maybe modeling or working in a circus. But if you dont mind any job really can do. Juat make sure it doesnt take up too much of your vacation time.
  5. If you are single, a vacation fling is not such a bad idea. You get to go out,  look good, be in the company of a cutie and have fun all at the same time.

Obsessed With Hair

29 Jan

fiveImagine you had really hard kinky and not so sexy hair, you know the kind that makes you want to always wear a hat or a scalf what would you do? Well do what I


do, two words “HAIR EXTENSIONS’ or  if you are like the other people who think hair

extensions are gross and would rather die than do it, well you can always just perm your hair and make it more manageable. but again if you are a nature freak and would rather cut off your toe than put chemicals in your hair, then I am sorry I dont know what I can tell you.

This post is about my insane obsession with trying out different hairstyle and seeing how different each makes me look and feel. Well ofcourse my mom hates it when I do weaves and stuff but she doesnt understand how difficult it is to manage and maintain my seven


own hair. Not only that but i have really sensitive hair, if that is even possible. A week of constantly combing it and it starts falling out and goes back to being short again. it is frustrating.

I would like to type more but I havent blogged in so long I fear my poor grammar will start showing and I will end up making a total fool of myself, so I have decided to just post pictures of myseff and hope that will give an idea of what I am talking about. Some of them are pictures of me with my natural hair ofcourse. You can tell me if you agree with my mom or if extensions win.





Does living in a boarding house mean ultimate isolation?

1 Jul

As you might have known by now already if you follow my blog, I am the ultimate weirdo. After almost three years of living off campus and having to walk on average of 30 minutes each day to get to each lecture, I have discovered that the number of associates and friends I have has decreased massively. Apart from my boyfriend who is kind enough to put up with my craziness and random annoying moods most of the time, and well like three other friends, I should say that it makes me feel that not being on campus can actually contribute to having fewer friends (well that is if you stay at a boarding house where the majority of people are of the opposite sex).
Then comes the issue of trying to figure out where to spend your time in between classes. You start to wonder if people will be thinking you are just bothering them or if you just want to eat their food. It is crazy, you have all these thoughts running through your overactive brain that in the end you cannot even think of spending those minutes or hours with anyone.
I would like to think that when you spend all your days on campus that it is bound to happen that you will start associating with so many people and random strangers will eventually become close friends. You can drop by your classmates rooms when you feel like and even get help in school stuff pretty much anytime you want. There is no 20:00 hours curfew or “no friends visiting you” rule.
Can you think of a year spent with no one you know being allowed to visit you, like ever? If you like that kind of thing well then that is great I guess.
Maybe I am just overthinking all of this and there is absolutely no relationship between living 30 minutes from campus and having fewer friends.
What is your say?


9 Apr

University, college or whatever it is that other people go to after spending five years of high school being bullied, laughed at for being weird, unnoticed, and for the lucky few being the popular girl or boy.
In a little over two weeks, I will be going back to university for my third year and up to now it still gets me down.
I remember my first year like it was last week, I had packed my suitcases (well actually my sister packed for me, I suck at packing. I never quite manage it without my sister, even just folding messes me up) but since I was not sure if I was given a room on campus, I just went with a huge hand bag with just a change of clothes and some other things. Anyway upon arrival on campus I found out that I was not accommodated on campus. I remember feeling so stranded and me and my friends (three of them) had to spent that first night in a room with nine other girls. The three of us slept on the floor, and there were three on both single beds and the others slept on the counter looking thing in the room. I kept wondering if the rest of the year was going to be like this.
The following day was not any better, after spending the whole morning and afternoon registering by the time it was 15 i was so exhausted and drained.
Then when me and my friends went back to the room because we needed to rest, we just found suitcases outside with the owner saying we could not spend the night there again. That sucked. I called home crying that this was too much for me, I wanted to go back home.
By day three we managed to find an affordable boarding house near campus, but that place really sucked. We had no electricity for two weeks and the landlord owned this shotgun that he kept firing at night to scare away the thieves. I guess the most important thing regardless of all that was that I cleared all my courses and managed to make it to second year.
Then just like in my first year, I was still not accommodated last year. I tried looking for someone I can squat with but everything that I came across ended up not working out and so I gave up on living on campus again. Well in the end, i spent my entire year at a boarding house with goats, chickens and ducks. Plus it was so far away that I missed most of my lectures because I felt lazy to wake up at 05:00am and I just did not feel like going to class. I didnt just fit in anywhere, even after an entire year.
I lived at a freaking farm house and the smell, and goat droppings, lets just say that at the end of the year I could not even smell it.
My boyfriend kept laughing at me and always told me to move to somewhere else, but No I didnt move. I do not know why.
I remember this lecture that I attended like four times the whole year, I used to go and write the tests though.
I spent most of my second year being depressed and just sleeping until like until 10am. I cant even remember what was putting me down.
I am glad that I cleared all my courses again. Even though the grades were not that impressive.
So here I am again, a third year student still not knowing where I am going to be sleeping for the next 10 months. It doesnt really help that I dont know that many girls and the few that I do know are in the same situation as me.
Any way I have come this far, I will not let something as small as accomodation slow me down.

April Fool’s Day.

1 Apr

Sitting in my room with little to nothing to do last night, as I could not fall asleep, I did what I always do when that happens…log on to my facebook and my twitter at the same time. And hope sleep finds me soon.

It turned out that it was April fool’s…whatever that means. I never really found out the origin of this day.

I discovered that my timeline and home were flooded with people’s pathetic attempts to prank their friends. It was all so funny and really transparent.

I saw a lot of people talking about the country being divided in half, war breaking out over that and a lot of ‘RIP’.

My own attempt to fool a friend did not really work out. Turns out he knows me a little more than I know myself.

I miss the good old days when pranks where epic and everything we did reminded us of MTV’s Punk’D.

I remember one April 1st when i convinced my niece that an over active sex life was the number one cause of acne. Which was really cruel because she was fighting a losing battle with really bad acne. I saved my sisters number as ‘MTN’, then sent a fake survey message from her phone to mine explaining how recent studies have shown that too much unprotected sex causes acne. I pretended to be shocked and showed it to my niece. It was funny when she bought into the lies. Especially when I told her I was going to tell her mom (my sister) about it. But I could only keep it up for 20 minutes before I laughed to her face that I fooled her. Its bad I know now but hey I was young. Sort of 😀

I think it is better than those people who lie to their lovers that they are in hospital or make them believe they died.

This day is trully foolish.

So I woke up this morning and I am so paranoid about everything. I am taking everything that anyone says as the begining of a bad prank idea.

Agony would be getting a call from someone you love telling you that it is over and you taking it as a joke when in fact they are serious. This is probably the worst day to get fired or dumped because on one would believe it 😀

So how was it for you people? Did you manage fooling anyone or did you end up the fool?

The sound of rain outside is not really helping me right now.

27 Mar

Laying in bed, covered up to my neck in my winnie the pooh/ mickey mouse blanket (a bit of a disney freak, I love mickey mouse…always have) I am wondering why on earth am I still up? This is not healthy. It is well past midnight and everybody else in the house has long passed out and drifted off to dream land. Leaving me alone, staring at the ceiling and listening to the rains outside. Which if I may add is not helping at all.

It is times like this I wish I was someone else, preferably someone who does not suffer from extreme insomnia. Like my nephew maybe. 20:30 pm and he is already knocking on sleep’s door(i am not sure if that expression exists but I am going to use it anyway). I really do not think it is fair that some people just find it easier to sleep and I am always the last one to join the party on the other side.

Maybe I should try sleeping pills, I hear they help alot with people like me. Ha ha people like me, that makes it sound like I am a weird breed of a human doesnt it?

On top of everything the thunder storm / lightning attack happening outside is making me act like a little girl and cover myself protectively in fear. All these years and I still can not get over this fear.

Well after alot of failed attempts to sleep I have finally decided to just get up and post a random blog entry about how awful it is to be the only human awake in the house…now i know how that guy felt in CAST AWAY. So alone.

It is like sleep thinks I am not worthy of it or something cruel like that. I have been good, I dont even litter or mistreat animals. I am not a bad person…atleast I think I am not.

If I was a vampire I would be fine with all this ‘sleep all day and stay up all night’, but that is not the case. I am not a sexy beast with fangs. I am not having that eternal youth and sex appeal that draws people in. There is no beauty sleep for me and I will probably look like smeagol in the morning. So all this, it is really not doing me any good.

Whatever. I guess it is movie watching until it is 4am because that is when sleep usually decides to pay this sleep deprived poor human person a visit.

I am not happy.


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