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So What if I touched it?

6 Aug

You know how at times you just want to do something crazy that people do not expect from you? Well that happened to me today when I was in town about to go for lunch with my sister.

There are these old messed up payphones in the streets that I have always been seeing around but never paid that much attention to for as long as I could remember. Well today as I was walking by I suddenly got the idea of taking a picture near one and pretending to be making a call.

I got so excited about the whole thing and begged my sister to quickly take some fun pictures. Obviously she agreed and we had a laugh about it all. The other people in the street well let’s just say they looked at us like a couple of crazy people. (Screw them). It made the experience that much more fun anyway.

Being the sharing freak that I am I immediately shared the pictures on Facebook and while some of my friends found it funny that anyone can still use a pay phone in this day and age others found it “gross” and “disturbing”.

Okay fine, maybe the thing hasn’t been used in like decades or whatever but come on it was a cool picture.



Obsessed With Hair

29 Jan

fiveImagine you had really hard kinky and not so sexy hair, you know the kind that makes you want to always wear a hat or a scalf what would you do? Well do what I


do, two words “HAIR EXTENSIONS’ or  if you are like the other people who think hair

extensions are gross and would rather die than do it, well you can always just perm your hair and make it more manageable. but again if you are a nature freak and would rather cut off your toe than put chemicals in your hair, then I am sorry I dont know what I can tell you.

This post is about my insane obsession with trying out different hairstyle and seeing how different each makes me look and feel. Well ofcourse my mom hates it when I do weaves and stuff but she doesnt understand how difficult it is to manage and maintain my seven


own hair. Not only that but i have really sensitive hair, if that is even possible. A week of constantly combing it and it starts falling out and goes back to being short again. it is frustrating.

I would like to type more but I havent blogged in so long I fear my poor grammar will start showing and I will end up making a total fool of myself, so I have decided to just post pictures of myseff and hope that will give an idea of what I am talking about. Some of them are pictures of me with my natural hair ofcourse. You can tell me if you agree with my mom or if extensions win.





Day 2…Yummy!! Go out on a lunch date and actually enjoy myself :)

6 Mar

Day 2 of my five day countdown and for today i decided to do something I dont usually do- go outdoors. Yes and unlike my usual being forced to go out and sulking the whole time, today i was actuall happy about it and even enjoyed myself.

It didnt start out so great though…It started raining and the lunch thing almost didnt happen. just ended up sleeping because we didnt have power at home (no electricity).  Then after I dont even knoe how long my sister woke me up..telling me that the rains had stopped and we can go out now. (just when the sleep was getting good 🙂 )

After reaching the eating plce we were told that there was no more chicken…what the hell?

well decided to go to a different place but Oh my god it was not appealing, the place sucked.

I was begining to think this was not meant to happen…because the other nice place I had in mind, we were told that they had run out of chips..and that was the only thing I was in the mood for.

there was  no way I was just going to go home without having my chicken and chips..so they

suggested we wait and that they would make us two quick plates. 🙂

I love chips (my guilty passion)

So i guess day two was a success because i enjoyed myself. 🙂

My simple guide to gaining 2000 facebook friends in a week

3 Mar

Hello there!

Do you think what that man is doing is “facebooking”?

Are you sad and lonely?

Do you feel unappreciated because you have less than 200 facebook friends?

are you bullied daily because you are still in the 3 digit numbers?

would you like to be a facebook celebrity?

Not to worry because your wish is about to come true…after years of daily facebooking and fighting the addiction (well i am still an addict), I am pleased to say that I have found the well hidden secret to having 4000+ contacts when you are not a celebrity. It took a while to sink in but when it finally did, boy was i glad.

Before I even start my simple guide, you must first promise yourself that no matter how absurd the advice sounds, it has worked for some people and you should commit yourself completely to it.



Step 1: Come up with a catchy ridiculously long name that discribes who you are and include a celebrity name and Tv character in it e.g Dorcas IamTallAndCreepyWithlongLegs carter salvatore amis. 😀

Step 2: Have a bad girl attitude and dont take shit from anyone… update your info with things like you are the manage of a company called “keeping it sexy corp” and that you went to high school at a school called “too hot to handle me high”. 😀 (always invites people in)

Step 3: Upload half naked pictures of yourself, make sure they are hot, otherwise it wont work. (use your body to get attention) 😀

Step 4: Choose a sexy Profile picture-one where you are in your bra, kneeling on your bed, one hand on your waist and licking a lolipop (black and white works best, i know this because I am a culprit..*.the black and white part not the bra part*) 😀

Step 5: Update really eye catching updates that will have all the guys and girls thinking “OMG” especially about sex and dirty jokes (speaking from experience..)

Step 6: Talk about the parties you attend and upload pictures to prove how blazing it was and how sexy you looked.. (do a peace sign in all your pictures)

Step 7: If you are a girl make sure you have a lot if pictures showing off you cleavege (lean forward so people can see them better..they loooove boobs on facebook)

Step 8: when it is after 10pm post updates like “i am so horny and lonely, wanna chat in my inbox” or “it is freezing, i wish i had someone to keep me warm”

Step 9: Complain about the “haters” you have and insult them, telling them how they remind you of dog shit. this will have people thinking, “damn, this person is hard..let me suggest them to my friends” (mission impossibe)

Step 10: Befriend all the well known people and add them to you relatives list e.g  having a lot of cousins, fathers, mothers, daughters, grandfathers in your info. They should also have long name and cool profile pictures.

well thats about it, if that doesnt work i dont know what will. 😀 😀 😀


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