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Twenty-two Years Of Awesome

9 Mar

birthday girl

Long ago in a land far far away, there lived a family of six; a mother, a father and their 4 daughters. It was a time before Facebook and twitter and mom jeans and plaid were all the rage.

A prophesy from a highly qualified fortune teller known as a doctor said “in less than a year, a time will come when your family of six will become a family of seven and you will experience the greatest joy imaginable…by imaginable it means that you have probably experienced it four times already but you get my point.” with that the fortune teller disappeared and the family was left to ponder on what had just been said.

Months later the family was excited and probably on cloud nine because the day was finally upon them when they would be blessed with a little angel baby. March 9th 199x had finally arrived and on that fateful day, they put on their favorite outfits (Which in the 90s was probably a fashion disaster and looking at the pictures now, one might die of laughter and shock at the sight of what people wore). The whole land was in awe and many people traveled from lands so far away that it took them literally weeks to reach their destination. I suppose they guessed or calculated the exact moment the angelic princess would arrive, who knows. Strange things used to happen back then I imagine.

The ruler of the land suggested they make March 9th a public holiday but the village folk said it would make the princess get even more big headed than she already was, like seriously the girl had a ginormous head. So the public holiday idea was flushed down the toilet. Literally. 

The girl was so beautiful and adorable,even though her head looked like a loaf of bread, that her life was no longer safe. Her innocence was believed to heal all manner of  sadness and depression. Just looking upon her almost oval face, your day would suddenly seem brighter and you could not suppress the smile hat would eventually appear on your face. Weird creatures and witches wanted to kidnap her and use her beauty for their own evil plans so the family left the land, changed their last name to something so not believable and the little girl grew up away from all the danger.

Okay so maybe that is not exactly what happened 22 years ago today but its kind of, sort of maybe a bit something like that. Okay to tell you the truth I never imagined I would ever reach this point, I have to say I do feel really old. Like I should be married with my own house and everything… but no way am I giving up the free food and warm blankets that I enjoying since I live with my parents. I do not know why people move out of their parents houses, this is like the sweetest deal ever. 😀 hahahahaha

I have to confess that though it is a happy birthday and all, with the cake and presents and all those Facebook posts and texts, I kind of miss The boyfriend, or not boyfriend depending on who you ask really (I do not know why i just shared that.) . Worst case scenario, the day eventually ends and I find out he actually forgot its even my birthday, that will suck.

I think I have enough birthday cake to feed like 30 people, thanks to my mom so if anyone wants a piece I can email you some.


5 day countdown to Sassy 21

4 Mar

Wow in just five days i will be turning 21. yeah me. I can hardly wait. It still sucks though that I will not be spending this year’s will my boyfrien. Last years rocked. Just him making time for me made it all the more worth while. And then i had to finish an entire Chocolate cake alone..well almost alone. My sister made me share it with her friends.

Still cant believe it has been over 2 decades. Thank God i havent turned out into some crackhead or something weird like 20 years and 3 kids from like 3 different baby daddies. 😛

Anyway so tomorrow I start my countdown and I promise to do something unusual each day until Iam officially 21. Then after that, its hello Crazy town..well Crazier town. 😀

I plan to combat my fear of dogs this year..wish me luck. And if i end up being dog bait or something horible like that…I have instructed my sister to post a last blog entry showing the world that Dogs are not really man’s bestfriend. pictures and all….

Happy Birthday Princess

2 Mar

On this 2nd day, in this 3rd month of the year, God Gave my family a jewel. 16 years ago my young sister was born today and with that one event, we were blessed richly. The sixth and last daughter in the Amis family.

Eish they grow up so fast..,I remember it like it was yesterday when i would take her to nursery school in her small funny looking shoes. A chubby little short thing. hahahahaha, just remembering that makes me laugh.


i am so excited and i cant even wait to see the look on her face when she sees her present.

I love you princess.


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