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Versatility Just Got Sexier

25 Feb

When I started this blog and got my first like I never imagined that a time will come when I would actually have followers that would think my posts were worth reading let alone keep checking it from time to time. I have to say this is truly amazing. Back then for like the first month, I had to force my family and some friends to always check my blog and even though I was just forcing them, I was still always happy when they actually did it.

Now look at me, I just got my second award, how unbelievable is that? I just got THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. (This is the part where you clap for me now) 😀


Thank you, Readful Things Blog for nominating me for this award. I can’t even begin to explain how it makes me feel and what it truly means to me. okay I can but it will turn into a mini novel and I may end up boring everyone :). But at least I can say this, I LOVE YOUR BLOG

Versatile Blogger Rules 

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15  awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7  interesting things about yourself.

THE CHOSEN ONES (my nominees)

  1. Second Hand Surfer
  2. Pooja Gupta
  3. Stephie
  4. Zoelost
  5. lunastarla
  6. MyIshoes
  7. Hakuna Matata
  8. Green embers
  9. Just a girl
  10. The Square Flea
  11. Usman Hashmi
  12. anarbitrator
  13. angelic Reader

To Be Continued..

SEVEN INTERESTING THINGS ABOUT ME (This is going to be hard..I am boring)

  1. I have never been to the beach
  2. I am so tall I would make a baby giraffe look like a midget
  3. I am an awesome cook, well at least its what people say… no one has died from food poisoning yet.
  4. I have a sick obsession with boots though I am like so broke these days I can not even afford to buy a second hand pair. Tragic I know
  5. I have this amazing smile that people go mad and even blind just setting their eyes on it. I once took part in a beauty contest, with a bathing suit and everything, I didn’t win so obviously I am ugly or something.
  6. I have an addictive nature, whatever that means.
  7. I am scared of dogs,more so than snakes I imagine but I want or wish to own a German Shepherd.

A fine line between sweet and sour-Women

22 Mar

They say a happy woman makes a happy home…simple and straight forward.
Forget all this talk of women are complicated, they are from pluto or only aliens know the secret to pleasing them. It is all bogus and just an excuse to make us seem like we are confused retards who have an average of ten mood changes per day. Get to know us and just try to understand. No two ways about it 🙂 .
So often we hear guys saying how they have had it with women and how they never really know what to say to avoid ‘the silent treatment’ and possible arguments.

It is simple we act according to how we are treated. Say nice things and treat us like queens and you will be rewarded like wise-THE SWEET TREATMENT…but disrespect us and treat us like you do not appreciate us and well we will pretty much bite your head off and make your life a living hell-THE SOUR TREATMENT.
One thing i have realised about being female is that we can not live without compliments…laugh if you want but its true. It is almost like compliment are to women like water to a plant (well not that much) but its close. If we were not complimented enough we would just wilt away and die…a really slow and painful death. It aint even a joke *straight face*

But of course i am not talking about those lame pick up lines that make us want to hurl, laugh out loud and wonder which comedy show you star in or maybe even poke out our own eyes…I mean real stuff. Believable stuff that can make us smile.
If a girl is from the salon and just did her hair, being told that ‘you look amazing’ is just what she wants to hear. It doesnt hurt at all to say nice things, especially if she did go the extra mile to look good.
I often do not like accepting this truth but whenever i do my hair or put on a new amazing outfit and i want my boyfriend to see it and he does not say anything…well i hurt inside and even though i know i look pretty in it, not hearing him say so makes me doubt it a bit…but of course i never show it. 🙂 its true.
I guess in the ended all that women want is to feel needed and appreciated 🙂


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