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Race – How the world showed its shallowness.

9 Aug

There is only one race, the human race.

There is only one race, the human race.

“There is only one race: The Human Race.”

They say people have a tendency to hate or be afraid of the things they do not understand…things that are different. That sentence would have stuck if this were the 1300s.

Looking at the world now, with all the technological advancements, medical discoveries and how everything a person needs to know is just a “google” away, it is surprising and appalling to see that there are people who still judge others because of the colour of their skin.

The fact of the matter is that when we all bleed our blood is red.
Now unless some people bleed out chocolate or poop out diamonds and rainbows I don’t think anyone has the right to be cruel and be a part of the shallow people that think racism is “normal”.

I love how children in nursery behave, they do not see brown or black or white…to them all they see is friendship and someone who they can be on a see-saw with. The problem comes in when the parents who believe that their children should only mix or be friends with those they share skin colour with. Stop trying to drag the human race back to a dark era.

Be part of the movement and think of the big picture. Racism breeds hate and gives way to violence. All of which just brings us back to the never ending cycle of hate crime and more bloodshed.



The Return Of The Blogger

4 Aug

Hello people of the blogosphere, after months of being MIA I am happy to say that I think it’s time I came back.

School was rather stressful and with little to no access to the internet it was almost impossible to blog. But now I am back and hope I can still do this.

I am not sure the direction in which my blog will go now and part of me kind of wanted to start a new one. Fresh start and all. But for the time being I will stick to my very first blog, kind of hard to let it go.

To all my followers I hope my new posts will still be “entertaining” to you and that you continue leaving your thoughts and comments like before.

Forever a blogger,

The Night Visitor

22 Feb

The sound of my sister’s phone goes off and I am awoken from my all so perfect sleep. Opening my eyes I find I cannot see a thing. Darkness is all that is around me. Another black out obviously. Stupid ZESCO. Even in my sleepy state I can’t help but get angry at probably the worst Electricity supply company in the world.

Still a bit disoriented from sleep I hear a familiar sound by my window. Someone is trying to open it and from the cold night breeze that swiftly washes over my body, making me shiver I know they have succeeded.

My first thought is to scream but that is immediately taken over by fear and my body has gone numb, almost frozen. I cannot move.

I feel the weight of something push down on my bed and it seems to be moving closer, closer to my body. At that moment I know I should do something, jump out of  the bed and run, call out to my parents in the next room, grab a shoe and hit it, anything but I just lay there and pretend I am asleep.

A thought comes to my mind, any minute now they will reach my throat and they will kill me. This is the worst way to go, surrounded by darkness. I will probably never see my family again, never graduate, never get married, and never see my boyfriend again. This is just too much.

Just then I feel something on my bum. The touch is so gentle, almost like I am imagining it. Oh no, please just kill me, do not rape me also. Get up! Move! Scream! But still my body is frozen, not listening to any of my orders. It is almost like my brain no longer functions, except to help me feel fear and I guess in the next moment it will be pain.

Hearing some movement on the bed next to mine, I suddenly remember my sister is in the room with me. Oh God no, I was ready to accept whatever fate had been laid out for me, but my poor sister, I could not handle that.  Life suddenly comes back into my body and a plan is made. Not a good one but desperate times.

Shifting in the bed and making it seem like I was just stretching, I reach over to the foot of my bed. I grab the fork I had been using just some hours ago, happy that my bad eating habits and my inability to take back the plate and fork to the kitchen might just save not only my life but my sisters too.

All of the sudden the room goes bright, the power is back on. Wow ZESCO can you seriously suck any more than you already do? I hate you so much. In that moment I know this is the only chance I will get to strike the potential Murderer/ rapist on my bed. Getting up with all I have, the dirty fork in hand and probably the strength of an army inside of me, I turn and launch myself preparing to come face to face with the intruder. Oh please, let this work.

Just as I am about to strike I find myself staring in familiar eyes, eyes so innocent and big, I can’t help but sigh with relief. All this time I was freaking out and it was just Mr. Rebels, my sisters pet cat. What did I almost do?

I laugh at myself but I know nothing about this is funny; I almost stabbed my sister’s cat with a fork. Talk about an over active imagination. I could not even remember that we own a cat. I guess that is what you get for reading vampire novels and watching too many serial killer movies.

Of Warm Blankets and Warm Bodies

18 Feb

Laying in bed, covered under two layers of blankets and still feeling cold, a thunder storm out side as it rains dinosaurs and dragons (way worse than cats and dogs), I find myself thinking about the best way to feel warm.

If you walked around my house, you will discover that there is neither a chimney(fire place) nor  a heater,not that we would ever use the chimney even if we had one. I suspect we would probably use it as a shoe storage or close it up to prevent thieves or bats from entering the house. And well a heater would just skyrocket the electricity bill through the roof and beyond so that’s also out of the question.

As I open another tab in my browser and go to Facebook, I see updates from people I have never met ( I mean who doesn’t have those on their Facebook), and the updates well they go a little something like this:

“Eish, this weather…I wishI had someone to warm me up.

“BMW…Baby Making Weather”

“If you do not have someone to cuddle up with right now, I feel for you coz you are gonna freeze.”

You can obviously guess my reaction and thought, here I am in bed with socks, a hoodie and these really ugly pants I wouldn’t be seen dead in outside my room and people are busy talking about having warm bodies in their beds.

Call me old-fashioned or whatever, but what is wrong with just buying warmer clothes, a blanket and I don’t know maybe even gloves? Maybe I am just being like this because apart from the stuffed animals, the only other option to snuggle with is my sister’s cat. Who would be desperate enough to do that? And just so you know, he is a vicious little thing that hates being touched and he bites and scratches, plus he freaks me out at times. And coming from a cat lover that has got to say something about how much of a bad kitty he is.

Well I think I am going to make a cup of really hot cocoa or coffee now.

To Follow back or not To Follow back…That is the question

14 Feb


I do not know about the rest of you, but ever since I started blogging I like following blogs that have humor  and a personal feel to them. The kind of blogs that have at least something to do with writing, poetry, books, and well anything I can really feel good about reading and will not make me sad for more than 5 hours. But then again I pretty much read anything, its like my brain and my eyes are programmed to just see and react to words. If i see writing, I will read it.

Now most of the time when I follow a blog, I never really expect them to follow me back ( low self esteem issues and the like). but when they do.. wow. Its a great feeling.

I just wanted to get other people views on the matter,because for me, personally I like following back when a blogger follows me well except the porn umm whats the word, “mature” themed ones. I guess I am not yet free to openly follow such. Weird I know

It’s Almost Valentine’s Day…Everybody Hide.

13 Feb

My dear and fellow earthlings, the dreaded “lovers day” is almost upon us.

freaking out

You know, when couples do romantic things for each other,things they have neglected from the start of the year and will obviously continue neglecting after the 14th.  Nothing like looking forward to getting flowers only once a year or hearing those three magic words that may or may not go AWOL again until the next February 14th.

I imagine it is an awesome experience I guess and this year I am spending my with one of the most amazing people I know..ME.  That is great because I am really looking forward to getting nothing.

How are you spending yours if I may ask?

I have some advice for those of you who are not looking forward to it. It might be that you are single or do not have enough money to spend or you just do not want because the idea of seeing red everything is making your head hurt. I have come up with a list, I hope it helps. Boycotting something has never been this fun. Please keep in mind that most of these are for the single people.


  1. The first one I am sure most people have tried it. Come up with a ridiculous argument, you do not even need to win just make it dramatic. When valentine’s day comes act like you are still upset. Spend the day in bed or doing all the things you love. If you are working, sorry. Make up on the 15th. Can anyone say make up sex 
  2. Do not under any circumstances watch TV or listen to the radio…the whole schedule is going to be full of valentine’s day shows. I kid you not, it doesn’t matter is it is Disney or HBO. If you have a PVR, start recording none valentine’s day shows now to watch tomorrow. Read a book, why not A Game Of Thrones??
  3. Pretend tomorrow is any other day or better pretend it is another of your favorite holidays. Put on a “likumbi lyamize” outfit or a halo-ween costume if you have to. It can even be Christmas, this is great if you have a Santa fetish, you can even put on the beard and everything. Just hope the red does not remind you of “the day which must not be named’
  4. As soon as you finish reading this point, set the date to February 15 even though it is the 13th. if you do not want to be extreme just do it for your phone and take down the calendars for a day. When you wake up tomorrow, it will obviously be the 16th (your phone says so).  celebration avoided.
  5. If someone asks you to spend the day with them, tell them that your neighbor’s best friend’s sister in-law’s cousin’s boyfriend’s cat died and you are attending the funeral. They will understand.
  6. Switch of your phone, the last thing you need are forwarded cheesy chain messages that will make you want to hurl.  If you have important phone calls that you can not miss, keep your phone on but please IGNORE ALL valentine’s day related texts or calls.
  7. Do your laundry, if everything is clean you can do anyone’s laundry that is in the house. Hey you know what they say “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”
  8. Facebook is a no-no for you. The last thing you need is all your friends in relationships rubbing it in your face about how amazing their day is, especially since you are avoiding it. If you love social networking so much, join good reads. You will not regret it.
  9. Have a zombie movie marathon, everything you can get your hands on. Resident Evil, Dawn of the dead, The devils rejects, Creation of the dead, A Zombie stole my lunch, Your money or your brains, Zombie Apocalypse  Run Run the zombies are coming, the works. (p.s some of these titles are totally made up)
  10. Start gardening. If you enjoy it so much continue with it even after the 14th.

Well there you have it, you can thank me later 🙂


Of House Keepers, Personal chefs, Trainers and Stylists

11 Feb

Having K 6 ( six Kwacha)  to my name safely hibernating in my account, which is roughly close to a Dollar and being in university with millions of kwacha debt in student loans, I find myself thinking “Will I ever live the life I dream of?”, “Am I ever going to taste foreign foods like prawns, venison, lobster or maybe something a little more dreamy… caviar?”. With one more year left until graduation and the fear of the future growing more each day especially with the upcoming publication of examination results this 15th, I keep drifting away from reality and keep getting stuck in day dreams where my account balance puts J.K .Rowling’s to shame.

After spending most part of my vacation away from school either blogging or reading novels and pretty much just trying to forget about university while most of my friends are spending their hours of the day getting attachments and internships in big companies, I can’t help but wonder if I am maybe being a little too carefree and careless with my life.

I wake up each day, which if I might add is getting harder each day when I do not have that much too look forward to, and after having breakfast and showering the list of things to do drops to about only three possible enjoyable activities;  spend the whole day on the internet, spend the whole day reading novels or spend the whole day in the TV room watching cheesy romance movies, fashion programs, cook shows and anything else that is showing.

I know what some of you might be thinking, believe me I think it all the time. I bet my last remaining money that you would tell me something like, “Stop being such a depressed little stuffed animal and do something about it then”. If you thought about anything that even remotely sounds or means anything close to that, then congratulations, you have officially joined the team. Now before you get all excited, just in case this is the first time you are a part of anything, (especially a team), just know that being a part of this team means you are accepting that you are a good for giving advice critic and probably a busybody too (I think). Okay maybe not. It doesn’t really matter because this post is supposed to be about house keepers, personal chefs, trainers and stylists.

Being born in Zambia, Africa and before you even ask, NO I do not own a lion and I do not know anyone who does…I once saw them at a zoo though, at least I think it was a zoo. I can say I grew up knowing most of the stuff I know from reading and sometimes watching TV, being an indoor couch potato and all ,but then again, I am guessing that is how everyone learns most stuff about other peoples cultures, right?

The bad thing about all this, TV and books is you are never really sure if everything you are seeing is the truth. I say this because, I once had a friend on Facebook form Greece and he never believed me each time I told him I was in Africa. He said, he did a Google search of Zambia and the only images that were coming up were of children with malaria, Malnutrition, the crazy Sub Sahara AIDS levels, Black outs and all other depressing stuff. Though that might be the case with like most of the country (RURAL ZAMBIA), I guess I expected at least something positive…I don’t know wishful thinking I guess.

So I have this dream now of making my country shine a little more but that’s still a work in progress…obviously.

I really do not know if the things I spent watching during the better parts of  my teen years were true, you know all those shows that had “ordinary” people living their lives but where everything looked like it was heaven. I say this because any world where I have a personal chef preparing me gourmet meals that will get me salivating just from smelling them, I get to be the one who gives away second had clothes to “the less fortunate” and the house is never dirty because there is always someone who dusts every surface in the house ..Goodbye sneezing, common cold and flu or whatever it is people catch from dust (I guess I should come clean and say I am a lazy bum).

But at this moment, sitting in front of my laptop and after typing all this, I feel like my life couldn’t be more perfect (Its like typing these words woke me up). I know that makes no sense after I typed over 700 words trashing it.  But I have realized something, life is in the simplicity of things. How you smile and enjoy it no matter what hurdles are in your path.

You may not have that mansion you always fantasized about , the body you always dreamed of , the ultimate job you wanted and even the chefs, trainers, stylists, maids and anything to make you (by you I mean me) even more of a lazy couch muffin than you already are. But there has to come a point in ones life when you have to just sit back and enjoy all the little things you have no matter how little the may seem,, it can be something as small as remembering that you had breakfast in the morning, have a roof over your head, you have a family and friends who love you, your health is still intact, you just got accepted into university and above all that while there may be hundreds of people who did not wake up today, you were given another shot at life to enjoy it further more.

Sitting at the dinner table, with the cat from hell under the table bitting and scratching my legs as we all laugh at the mess passing as thursday dinner is about as much fun as I can have on a rainy thursday night.

7 Feb

There Comes A Time When You Wonder If All These Amazing Bloggers Really Like Your Blog Or If It Is To Boost Your Confidence Or Some Other Weird Reason I Can’t Think Of At The Moment.

7 Feb

In walks the queen of doubt, me, and all these weird thoughts about blogs, blog followers and “likers”. With most of the world now loving television too much and the only time that they read is when they are going through the Tv guide and the closest they get to writing anything worth reading is when they are writing out a cheque to you, you sort of get to wonder. Are people following your blog to make me feel good? Did your father threaten them to follow you? Is it a blogger rule to be nice? Does the government have anything to do with this? You know, secret government conspiracy and all to encourage people to read and write more. So they let secret agent men randomly like your blogs and maybe even follow you. Wow that sounds even more stupid now that I have typed it. Crazy.

Okay so after all this you feel pretty good and before you know it you are getting big-headed and thinking you are actually doing a good thing with your blog. Don’t get me wrong,  it is not like I have major low self-esteem issues or have no confidence in what I post, okay maybe I do…but just like 80% of the time. The point  is the thoughts keep coming and they are thoughts that have been in my mind the second I got like my first 5 followers. I was like “what? no way” and with each new follower, that thoughts begin to grow and grow and grow kind of like yeast or some other annoying growth.


The Month Of Love Is Here

5 Feb


Ah february, the month of love, single people’s worst nightmare and home of valentine’s Day. It is that month when people stop fearing being struck by lightning and wear red, when the streets look like TOMATO PLANET and mismatched couples walk hand in hand looking like love struck retards. If you have a weak stomach, you will be sick for most of this month at the level of PDA you will be seeing.

Love will be in the air and unless you are immune to it, I suggest buying a gas mask or going into quarantine. Because once you catch it, you will no longer be yourself. There are a number of things that will change about you and you will think you have lost your mind. Come to think of it I think you will. Here is just a preview of what you will become:

  • You will be losing sleep thinking about them.
  • Seeing them will make you heart beat fast and your stomach will feel funny.
  • You will stop thinking about yourself and just trying to do things that will make not just you happy, but the both of you.
  • You will find yourself wanting to text them and finding out how they are and some other stuff like that.
  • You will be missing them, even if you just saw them the day before and want to hang out…even if you are just sitting there doing nothing in their arms,it will give you joy. Talk about being weird
  • At times when you see them talking to some one else and enjoying it, you will feel this emotion, I think its called jealousy.
  • You may not mind things you used to mind before, like kissing, drinking from the same bottle they just used and ew even worse, use the same tooth-brush.
  • If you are a quiet person, you will find that you are telling them things you have never told anyone else because you TRUST them.
  • You will start enjoying things like laying on the ground looking at the clouds with them, or even stars. Getting soaked by the rains and not be upset.

I am telling you, by the time you are done, you will not recognise the person you have become.

Just like th people in the pictures below:

note book cute aww

I realise that I am like, five days late with this post but, what the heck right? It’s not like you are all even excited, with most of us (I use “us” because saying “you” would just be mean right?), yeah so with most of us being either single or in relationship with our fridges, beds and laptops , its understandable why we dread this month. That one in the year when being single never felt so awkward, we should be calling it “SINGLES AWARENESS DAY” instead of Valentine’s Day. Yeah I said.

Please if you are a freakishly #TeamValentinesDay person do not kill me, because from now until the 15, I will dedicate my blog to nothing but trashing, making fun of and maybe just maybe giving advice on what I know about love.. (Don’t expect too much, I know next to nothing about it…I probably even know more about rocket science than love). This blog will be “love central” and valentine’s day heaven but with a twist because I WILL be cruel or funny depending on what I have for breakfast.

Like for example;

This will put me in a good mood (Good luck to me having this for breakfast, what is this heaven?).


 This will put me in a foul mood… ew are those bugs?? *feels sick*

Now before you come up with a ridiculous conclusion as to while I am going to be making fun of valentines day, let me just clarify some things.

  1. No, I am not a bitter single lady who is doing this to make herself feel better about spending it alone.
  2. No, I was not once dumped on valentine’s day such that now the thought of celebrating it makes me want to barf or worse Choosing to be institutionalised and then medicated to the point where I forget my own name, just so I can not think about valentine’s day.
  3. No, I am not a “hater” (okay maybe a bit, but these days who isn’t)
  4. No, I do not hate love. If you must know, I have a boyfriend who I love with everything that I am ( I love him so much it make sme sick at times).. yes I did just say that. I can see you raising your eyebrow thinking am obviously a crazy person, I AM NOT.
  5. No, I am not secretly a lesbian (and even if I was, I would probably be proud of it because I know I would be dating one hot babe..maybe not Angelina Jolie or Rihanna but pretty close. I have that much game). As I was saying, I am not a lesbian who can not celebrate it in my country with my girl because we would probably be arrested or deported to God knows where.
  6. No, I am not broke and using anything else as an excuse to get out of being in the valentine’s mood. (truth be told, I have K4 in my account and I can very well buy him a lollipop if I wanted…don’t judge me)
  7. No, It has nothing to do with my religion (I think)
  8. No, It’s not because my boyfriend is miles away for like 2 more months.
  9. NO, I am not doing this because I will get paid (though I wish I was)

Now since we have gotten that out-of-the-way, we are now on the same page. Now you know there will be no biasness or bad blood because I am an adult and I just love writing. It wont be personal, Just Blogging.

At this point the only thing I can say to all thee single people out there and the ones whose status on Facebook is saying “its complicated”, do not worry because you will love my posts, and besides you have your family and friends so spend it with them. It will be fine.

And please, if you can I would so love it if you emailed me how you plan on spending your day on the 14th, it will make an excellent post. Please, do so. I might just buy you some chocolate. 🙂



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