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Obsessed With Hair

29 Jan

fiveImagine you had really hard kinky and not so sexy hair, you know the kind that makes you want to always wear a hat or a scalf what would you do? Well do what I


do, two words “HAIR EXTENSIONS’ or  if you are like the other people who think hair

extensions are gross and would rather die than do it, well you can always just perm your hair and make it more manageable. but again if you are a nature freak and would rather cut off your toe than put chemicals in your hair, then I am sorry I dont know what I can tell you.

This post is about my insane obsession with trying out different hairstyle and seeing how different each makes me look and feel. Well ofcourse my mom hates it when I do weaves and stuff but she doesnt understand how difficult it is to manage and maintain my seven


own hair. Not only that but i have really sensitive hair, if that is even possible. A week of constantly combing it and it starts falling out and goes back to being short again. it is frustrating.

I would like to type more but I havent blogged in so long I fear my poor grammar will start showing and I will end up making a total fool of myself, so I have decided to just post pictures of myseff and hope that will give an idea of what I am talking about. Some of them are pictures of me with my natural hair ofcourse. You can tell me if you agree with my mom or if extensions win.







7 Apr

Well as I said in an old blog entry of mine A PASSION FOR FASHION, you can  follow the link to read it (  ), me and my elder sister Patricia decided to make some dresses. Today I am pleased to say that we are done and it is my utmost pleasure to blog about them and share them with you guys ( the ones that read my blog..thanks by the way).

Well you can tell me what you think of them and please tell your designer friends or boutique owner friends about us ( that would be so cool 😀 ) who knows we might just make it in the fashion world some day. But for now, selling them to my neighbours and the people around will be enough 🙂




A passion for fashion

20 Mar

For As long as i could remember, I have always had an insane interest in fashion and clothes. When i was young i used to enjoy making and sewing tiny clothes for my dolls. As i grew older i started to realise that i enjoyed doing this very much. I stopped telling people about how happy it made me feel because each time i brought it up, they would laugh and tell me that doing something like that would be wasting my ‘brains’. And that the only thing i should concentrate on were my studies, the ONLY thing i was good at.
A time came when i had to give it all up completely and would not even think about because it would bring tears to my eyes.
It seemed like the end of my fashion dream and the begining of the rest of my life full of regrets and ‘what ifs’
Last year when i had some money laying around i decided to start a small business with my elder sister selling clothes and shoes. It was not exactly our own fashion house but at that point anything was better that nothing. Plus i was making money doing something i liked-dealing with clothes. It was going well and the money was worth it all. And we were so certain that we were a step closer to the bigger picture.
It became hard when i had to give it up because i could balance it with school. Until it all died out completely because my sister had school too.
Well the money was saved up in case we decided to revive it again.
And when this year started, our thoughts were still focussed on that goal. Hoping that any sign from above would give up some more hope or anything to make up not give up easily.
Three days before my 21st birthday, seated near a boutique while having my favourite meal – chicken and chips. The idea came to us and we both agreed on it, we were looking downstairs at all the people and thinking “people wear anything as long as its from a well known boutique”. I felt really sad because deep down i knew that if we worked really hard at it, even we could make a name for ourselves as fashion designers or atleast something along those lines.
Then we thought WHY NOT RISK IT? And so began our month long count down or less to the day that we unveil our very own designs.
And if it doesnt work out this time, we will just keep trying until something does come in our paths.
*hopeful much*

The Good, The Bad and The utterly Ridiculous

6 Mar

2012 fashion trends…some of the things we are seeing this year are just weird and funny and when I think of this only jumpsuits are coming to my mind. I mean what are they thinking?


Outfits I can NEVER wear.

28 Feb

Ever saw a person in the street or on TV and went like “OMG, what the hell is she wearing?’..well i have. And it has happened alot. I think we can all agree when we say that Lady Gaga takes the cake when it comes to weird outfits. with the famous meat dress and that egg disaster, i mean come on. Okay yes i admit, i have had my fair share of fashion blunders and it seems selfish to judge others but hey it is hilarious to see others mess up. well there are just some things i can never wear no matter who is trending them.


 I can just imagine how much perfume had to go in there to keep the stench down…eew. We are supposed to eat meat not wear it, right?


Its seeming like animals just aint suffering enough, I like animal print sometimes but not when it makes you look like a giraffe..I dont know about you but that is not sexy or

maybe it is i dont know woth these things. It just kinda looks off. I am one tall female and i cant magine myself wearin those ‘gaga shoes’


Fashion experts encourage us to mix and match outfits, to accesorise and wear colors that compliment us make us look good. but where do we draw the line with this? Last week I was wearing green tights with a pink dress in the house and my sisters were laughing their asses off.  So when i saw a ‘diva’ wearing a blue one piece and feeling good about it i was so inspired i guess but i swore never to wear such. it looked funny, like maybe its something you just took a dump in.. 😀


OMG, what the hell is this? Okay i can try out the animal print blunder…maybe, but when i saw this, i almost fainted. it was just too much to handle. THIS I DEFINITELY CAN NOT WEAR..DAMN. is that even legal? Now i know where Lady gaga shops from 😀

The Gladiator Shoes- Fashion Trends

28 Feb

When we were all watching the movie “Gladiator”, i doubt if anyone of us ever imagined that we might one day be ‘rocking’  the Greco-Roman footwear. But alas this trend has taken over the streets and the lips on the girls lips these days is gladiator shoes and sandals. They are in every boutique and every girl’s shoe collection should atleast have one pair. so what is it about these strappy shoes that is getting us all very excited.?

Almost all the A-list celebrities have been spotted to wear them atleast once…and they are seen in almost all sizes, shapes and colours. with a wide variety to choose from it only leaves to wonder just how many one girl would love to have. I personally have bought about five i plan to get some more. A good friend of mine from class has a cute pair in gold and they look divine on her.

The different types available range from stylish flat ones, to the  amazing wedge type and a lot of people’s personal favourite- the beautiful high heeled ones.

I guess you can say the reason we love them so much is because they can work for almost every occassion and go with pretty much any outfit. It can be that skinny jean you love so much, that fun summer skirt amd even a fancy dinner dress. you can dress it up, or dress it down :).

This truly is a fashion trend worth the money spent on it….the question is which ones do you love?


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