Of Warm Blankets and Warm Bodies

18 Feb

Laying in bed, covered under two layers of blankets and still feeling cold, a thunder storm out side as it rains dinosaurs and dragons (way worse than cats and dogs), I find myself thinking about the best way to feel warm.

If you walked around my house, you will discover that there is neither a chimney(fire place) nor  a heater,not that we would ever use the chimney even if we had one. I suspect we would probably use it as a shoe storage or close it up to prevent thieves or bats from entering the house. And well a heater would just skyrocket the electricity bill through the roof and beyond so that’s also out of the question.

As I open another tab in my browser and go to Facebook, I see updates from people I have never met ( I mean who doesn’t have those on their Facebook), and the updates well they go a little something like this:

“Eish, this weather…I wishI had someone to warm me up.

“BMW…Baby Making Weather”

“If you do not have someone to cuddle up with right now, I feel for you coz you are gonna freeze.”

You can obviously guess my reaction and thought, here I am in bed with socks, a hoodie and these really ugly pants I wouldn’t be seen dead in outside my room and people are busy talking about having warm bodies in their beds.

Call me old-fashioned or whatever, but what is wrong with just buying warmer clothes, a blanket and I don’t know maybe even gloves? Maybe I am just being like this because apart from the stuffed animals, the only other option to snuggle with is my sister’s cat. Who would be desperate enough to do that? And just so you know, he is a vicious little thing that hates being touched and he bites and scratches, plus he freaks me out at times. And coming from a cat lover that has got to say something about how much of a bad kitty he is.

Well I think I am going to make a cup of really hot cocoa or coffee now.


2 Responses to “Of Warm Blankets and Warm Bodies”

  1. Secondhand Surfer February 18, 2013 at 10:42 pm #

    good for you!

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