The Month Of Love Is Here

5 Feb


Ah february, the month of love, single people’s worst nightmare and home of valentine’s Day. It is that month when people stop fearing being struck by lightning and wear red, when the streets look like TOMATO PLANET and mismatched couples walk hand in hand looking like love struck retards. If you have a weak stomach, you will be sick for most of this month at the level of PDA you will be seeing.

Love will be in the air and unless you are immune to it, I suggest buying a gas mask or going into quarantine. Because once you catch it, you will no longer be yourself. There are a number of things that will change about you and you will think you have lost your mind. Come to think of it I think you will. Here is just a preview of what you will become:

  • You will be losing sleep thinking about them.
  • Seeing them will make you heart beat fast and your stomach will feel funny.
  • You will stop thinking about yourself and just trying to do things that will make not just you happy, but the both of you.
  • You will find yourself wanting to text them and finding out how they are and some other stuff like that.
  • You will be missing them, even if you just saw them the day before and want to hang out…even if you are just sitting there doing nothing in their arms,it will give you joy. Talk about being weird
  • At times when you see them talking to some one else and enjoying it, you will feel this emotion, I think its called jealousy.
  • You may not mind things you used to mind before, like kissing, drinking from the same bottle they just used and ew even worse, use the same tooth-brush.
  • If you are a quiet person, you will find that you are telling them things you have never told anyone else because you TRUST them.
  • You will start enjoying things like laying on the ground looking at the clouds with them, or even stars. Getting soaked by the rains and not be upset.

I am telling you, by the time you are done, you will not recognise the person you have become.

Just like th people in the pictures below:

note book cute aww

I realise that I am like, five days late with this post but, what the heck right? It’s not like you are all even excited, with most of us (I use “us” because saying “you” would just be mean right?), yeah so with most of us being either single or in relationship with our fridges, beds and laptops , its understandable why we dread this month. That one in the year when being single never felt so awkward, we should be calling it “SINGLES AWARENESS DAY” instead of Valentine’s Day. Yeah I said.

Please if you are a freakishly #TeamValentinesDay person do not kill me, because from now until the 15, I will dedicate my blog to nothing but trashing, making fun of and maybe just maybe giving advice on what I know about love.. (Don’t expect too much, I know next to nothing about it…I probably even know more about rocket science than love). This blog will be “love central” and valentine’s day heaven but with a twist because I WILL be cruel or funny depending on what I have for breakfast.

Like for example;

This will put me in a good mood (Good luck to me having this for breakfast, what is this heaven?).


 This will put me in a foul mood… ew are those bugs?? *feels sick*

Now before you come up with a ridiculous conclusion as to while I am going to be making fun of valentines day, let me just clarify some things.

  1. No, I am not a bitter single lady who is doing this to make herself feel better about spending it alone.
  2. No, I was not once dumped on valentine’s day such that now the thought of celebrating it makes me want to barf or worse Choosing to be institutionalised and then medicated to the point where I forget my own name, just so I can not think about valentine’s day.
  3. No, I am not a “hater” (okay maybe a bit, but these days who isn’t)
  4. No, I do not hate love. If you must know, I have a boyfriend who I love with everything that I am ( I love him so much it make sme sick at times).. yes I did just say that. I can see you raising your eyebrow thinking am obviously a crazy person, I AM NOT.
  5. No, I am not secretly a lesbian (and even if I was, I would probably be proud of it because I know I would be dating one hot babe..maybe not Angelina Jolie or Rihanna but pretty close. I have that much game). As I was saying, I am not a lesbian who can not celebrate it in my country with my girl because we would probably be arrested or deported to God knows where.
  6. No, I am not broke and using anything else as an excuse to get out of being in the valentine’s mood. (truth be told, I have K4 in my account and I can very well buy him a lollipop if I wanted…don’t judge me)
  7. No, It has nothing to do with my religion (I think)
  8. No, It’s not because my boyfriend is miles away for like 2 more months.
  9. NO, I am not doing this because I will get paid (though I wish I was)

Now since we have gotten that out-of-the-way, we are now on the same page. Now you know there will be no biasness or bad blood because I am an adult and I just love writing. It wont be personal, Just Blogging.

At this point the only thing I can say to all thee single people out there and the ones whose status on Facebook is saying “its complicated”, do not worry because you will love my posts, and besides you have your family and friends so spend it with them. It will be fine.

And please, if you can I would so love it if you emailed me how you plan on spending your day on the 14th, it will make an excellent post. Please, do so. I might just buy you some chocolate. 🙂



7 Responses to “The Month Of Love Is Here”

  1. moodsnmoments February 5, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    hilarious stuff…made me raise a brow to myself when reading things you become when in love… go girl 🙂
    ps: happy valentines 😉

    • A Girl Nicknamed Dee February 5, 2013 at 4:34 pm #

      hahahaha, I know right. Love makes us do the craziest stuff 😀
      Oh my gosh, you just had to wish me a happy valentines, huh? Thanx… you too hun 🙂

  2. moodsnmoments February 5, 2013 at 4:37 pm #

    hahahaha..i just had too…couldn’t resist…sometimes certain expressions are expressions of recognition (read guilt)…so it just got me caught in there 😉
    thanks for your wishes 😀

    • A Girl Nicknamed Dee February 5, 2013 at 4:39 pm #

      Oh my.. I should have guessed you are totally #TeamValentinesDay 😀

      And you welcome

  3. moodsnmoments February 5, 2013 at 4:40 pm #

    touche… hahaha

  4. Hakuna Matata February 16, 2013 at 12:41 pm #

    Nice post. Happy Valentine’s Da!

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