Does living in a boarding house mean ultimate isolation?

1 Jul

As you might have known by now already if you follow my blog, I am the ultimate weirdo. After almost three years of living off campus and having to walk on average of 30 minutes each day to get to each lecture, I have discovered that the number of associates and friends I have has decreased massively. Apart from my boyfriend who is kind enough to put up with my craziness and random annoying moods most of the time, and well like three other friends, I should say that it makes me feel that not being on campus can actually contribute to having fewer friends (well that is if you stay at a boarding house where the majority of people are of the opposite sex).
Then comes the issue of trying to figure out where to spend your time in between classes. You start to wonder if people will be thinking you are just bothering them or if you just want to eat their food. It is crazy, you have all these thoughts running through your overactive brain that in the end you cannot even think of spending those minutes or hours with anyone.
I would like to think that when you spend all your days on campus that it is bound to happen that you will start associating with so many people and random strangers will eventually become close friends. You can drop by your classmates rooms when you feel like and even get help in school stuff pretty much anytime you want. There is no 20:00 hours curfew or “no friends visiting you” rule.
Can you think of a year spent with no one you know being allowed to visit you, like ever? If you like that kind of thing well then that is great I guess.
Maybe I am just overthinking all of this and there is absolutely no relationship between living 30 minutes from campus and having fewer friends.
What is your say?


One Response to “Does living in a boarding house mean ultimate isolation?”

  1. Secondhand Surfer September 29, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    what happened? did you truly isolate and abandon your blog?

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