We can screw but I wont give you my heart.

20 Mar

Friends are there for you when you need them..we all know this, well real friends that is. They offer a shoulder to lean on when you are sad. They are there to hear you share about your latest crush and even tease you about it. understand you you and love you evven when you are a weirdo.

This is all so straight forward and pretty much easy to understand, but what happens in a situation where your friend just happens to be of the opposite sex? And God forbid they ask you to be FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS..

I Know that this would probably be every guys dream come true. I mean they get to roll between the sheets with you and afterwards there are “no strings attached”. They dont get to buy you anniversary presents or bother to ask why you are low. They get to move on with there business and whenever the little man down there is in the mode…they know exactly where to stick him.

But think about it critically, isnt this just another way of saying “hey, listen you are amazing and stuff but all i want is your body, well two parts in particular and I wont give you my love or anything, I just want my sexual cravings taken care of..so lets DO”? and then you even give in because maybe you might be a lonely person and anything is better than nothing.

You comfort yourself with telling your friends that it is not complicated at all, you are good friends but you just sleep together every once in a while. And before you know it people are refering to you as “miss loose va-jay-jay” and you come up in conversation where they are discussing girls who are not relationship or marriage material. As if that isnt enough you become like an extreme version of “damaged goods”.

Is it really worth it really? And what happens when you start to have real feeling for that person and possibly even risk ruining a good friendship? well the friendship that was there before the sex.

The movies all make it seem so damn hot and appealling..this hot guy, this sexy girl, all wounded  and badly hurt. Sworn off relationships forever and then they realise how they get extremely horny and they need  that part of their life “serviced” but do not need their emotions involved.

Calling it CASSUAL SEX, MEANINGLESS SEX, RANDOM SEX, FRIENDLY SEX..i mean what the hell? that sounds bad even just saying it.

The thing is no matter how much we try to leave emotions out of it, whenever sex is involved, it just cant be No Strings Attached..well unless its with a prostitute or something like that. But with a girl and one who thinks of the act as sacred, crossing that line almost always leads to complications and someone being hurt.

But then again that is just my thought.. 😀


3 Responses to “We can screw but I wont give you my heart.”

  1. Sui Generis March 27, 2012 at 12:16 pm #

    Well I would lie I said I haven’t had the opportunity to have friends with benefits, I have, buh I’m not just that kind of guy, I respect the female form too much n have my principles though some of my mates are the opposite, we know all of these females, I try to notify some of them through their mates buh they just brush them off n just blindly get used in the end. It’s a shame.

    • A Girl Nicknamed Dee April 3, 2012 at 12:08 am #

      I thought this is every guys dream…wow mr principles, I am liking that. 🙂 I think at zit it is more common than people let on. Did you see the number of pregnant momas last year? Damn

      • Sui Generis April 3, 2012 at 6:55 am #

        Lol Nully! Some of us prefer to mess with people’s hearts. Eish it was like it was raining pregnancies, risking your future like that? Who does that??

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