18 crazy relationship Do’s and don’t’s

2 Mar

Okay when it comes down to relationships, especially new ones, in my experience it can be a little awkward. with the period where neither one of you knows what is really going on. And the dreaded “talk” when you have to define just what you are to each other. It can also be going out in public together for the first time as a Couple. All this stuff is just crazy.

I have been in my fair share of relationships and I can honestly say I am “wack” at this. Its like I am the definition of ‘the worst girlfriend in the world’. Its either I am saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things, feeling the wrong things and maybe even wearing the wrong things.

So my conclussion is that maybe if you avoid all the things that I did, what other people did and what I read about, maybe, just maybe we can come up with a relationship that will not fall to pieces.

These might come out as a little crazy but they just might work.


  • Do not have jealous bones in your bodies-these bones bring nothing but unnecessary pain and noisy fights in public. Not to mention people calling you a psycho.
  • Do not insist on meeting his parents 2 weeeks after you are official- This is just wrong and crazy, you are moving too fast..chill
  • Do talk about your problems when they arise, but do it calmly-bottling things up will just make you sick and fat. Imagine not going to the toilet fo a month.
  • Do compliment each other every once in a while- it doesnt hurt to tell her she looks good when she does and vice versa
  • Do not talk about you period every time and how EXPLOSIVE your diarrhea was- I have a feeling that guys dont like hearing how “the downstairs” is suffering and the bad toilet experience, especially during dinner.
  • Do make sure you remember things like birthdays and anniversaries…if its valentine’s day dont even act dumb about it-unless you want it to be put in record. such things are never forgotten..NEVER.
  • Do not make jokes about how fat one of you is getting and how they look like an obese baby hippo.
  • Do act spontanous and give them a sexy massage just for fun-but only if you know what you are doing, it would be embarassing if you ended up sending them to the emergency room.
  • Do not talk about marriage after a month and things like how many babies you want to have-that stuff scares off people more that freddy on friday the 13th
  • Do tell her just how much she means to you and send random texts saying that you miss her- its surprising how that little text can make her day, girls are so weird.
  • Do Get involved in what the other person likes- there is nothing worse than people who have nothing in common not finding common ground. Then you end up having conversations about the weather all the time and asking things like “sooooo, what do you think about the sky today..pretty blue,huh?” (lame)
  • Do shave once in a while or Do not shave, depends on the person i guess- one mans disgusting leg hair that makes big foot look like a new born baby rat is another mans turn on. (weird)
  • Do not fake your death and leave a fake $1,000,000 share in you fake will, as an April fool’s day prank- that is just insensitive(though its kind of genius)
  • Do not go obsessed on them and call, text, tweet, update about them, inbox, whatsapp, poke, send a letter, post on their wall or sing songs for them all at the same time every one hour. Writting things like “you are the air that i breath and if i lost you i will stab out mu heart” will not gain you any good point. (not that i did that because that is just crazy :D)
  • Do not eat like a pig in front of them and talk with your mouth full of food as you dance to the macarena on the kitchen table- i dont know why anyone would do that but, yeah DO NOT DO THAT.
  • Do not talk about serious relationship things in texts and have arguments online. writting in capital letters to show that you are upset and sending a text of an emoticon that is upset or one that is crying is just weird even in this texting generation. Talk face to face and work it out…it will even be better when you make up because the make up sex will be awesome, make up phone sex is just creepy.
  • Do give each other breathing space, spend time with him, your friends and your family-seeing each other 24/7 will just sicken you. too much of anything is bad
  • Do not take naked pictures of them and post them online, Do not even set up a hidden camera to record as you get intimate them show it to your friends-unless you want to be famous and be featured in  the newspaper or talked about by everyone online.(which is amazing by the way..quick fame) DONT DO THIS.

3 Responses to “18 crazy relationship Do’s and don’t’s”

  1. Wiley Urlanza March 19, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    I love your writing style genuinely enjoying this site. “Living in a vacuum sucks.” by Adrienne E. Gusoff.

  2. Sui Generis March 27, 2012 at 11:51 am #

    Yeah I everything makes sense. (Though I don’t relate to some of them)

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